Thursday, July 8, 2010

100 percent pure cosmetics review

Hello beauty addicts!
About 5 months ago I came across a cosmetic company called 100% pure. All of their products are 100% vegan. I became interested in these products so I decided to order some. This is what I ordered:

1. Tinted moisturizer SPF 20 in peach bisque
Review: I love this stuff. It gives me just enough coverage without looking cakey. I apply it with my fingers and set it with the 100% pure powder foundation. I prefer this over a full coverage foundation because I don't like to feel like I have tons of heavy makeup on my face. I noticed that this tinted moisturizer doesn't cause me to break out. I fell asleep with my makeup on one night (I know, I know.. It's not good for your skin lol) and surprisingly I didn't have any breakouts! I was surprised because usually when I have a full coverage foundation on all day I'll have a white head or two by that night. This tinted moisturizer stays on pretty well all day for me. I also recommend this for anyone that has sensitive skin or are prone to breKing out.

2. Healthy flawless skin foundation powder with SPF 15 in Peach Bisque
Review: I like this foundation powder a lot too. Some days I will just apply my moisturizer, concealer, and this foundation powder and it gives off pretty good coverage. On the days that do apply tinted moisturizer, I apply this foundation powder to set it and it. It gives my face a matte finish and my makeup stays on pretty well.

3. Ultra lengthening fruit pigmented mascera in black tea
Review: I have used this stuff for a good while and it makes my lashes long. The mascera wand is nice too, but I noticed that my lashes can become clumpy if I put too much on. This can happen with any mascera, though.

4. Pomegranate antioxidant hydration SPF 20 face lotion
Review: I really like how this doesn't make my face feel stick after I use it. I put this on after I wash my face and if I don't put a tinted moisturizer. If I use this and a tinted moisturizer my face tends to become oily faster that normal. I like how it has SPF 20 in it too because you don't have to put sun screen on before you go out in the sun. I've found that some of fhe oil free face sun screen breaks me out. It gives me weird bumps on my face. With this face lotion, my face stays clear.

5. Pretty naked natural face palette
Review: this palette comes with a blush, two eyeshadows, and 2 lip colors.
The blush: this blush is veery pretty. It gives off a light pink color and it has glitter in it.
The eyeshadows: they deffinately need an eyeshadow base shuch as two faced or urban decay primer potion. Without a base they are very sheer. You can get a lot of fallout on your cheek if you don't tap off the access from your brush. They both look very natural though.
The lip colors: these are very nice. They go on very smooth and aren't sticky. You can use your finger to apply or a brush.

6. Black tea pigmented long wear gel eye liner
Review: this gel eyeliner has a good side and a bad side. The good side is that it doesn't smear throughout the day. It stays where you put it, the bad thing is, you have to warm it up and work with it to get the product to become creamy. Maybe it's just the one that I received but I can sometimes have trouble with applying it because of it being dry. I also got the eyeliner brush and I am pleased with it. It's very precise.

7. Fruit pigmented lipgloss in nude
8. Fruit pigmented lipgloss in natural
Review: I am just going to review the two lip gloss colors together. They both and silky and have no shimmer. The lipgloss in nude is the one I really like. It's basically my lip color only better. They aren't sticky and they apply well. They don't have any scent to them.

9. Fruit pigmented lipgloss in shimmery white peach
Review: I really like this lip gloss. It isn't sticky, the shimmer is really pretty, and the application it great. The only thing I don't like about this is the taste. When I first received this, it didn't have the strange taste that it does now. Maybe the product went bad because of there being no preservatives in any of their products? I'm not sure. But I still wear it over the nude lipgloss and it's very pretty

10. Organic juicy pineapple nourishing body cream
Review: This stuff is amazing. It smells fresh and makes my skin really soft and hydrated. The only thing I don't like about this is when it's hot outside, it melts on my skin and makes me feel greasy. I'm sure that happens with any lotion you out on your body. But the smell is really true to it'd name. It smells exactly like a pineapple lol.

11. Organic cranberry facial cleansing foam
Review: this face wash is really nice. It's really gentle on your face, which is good if you have sensitive skin, and leaves it feeling clean. I notice when I use this I don't get as many breakouts. It smells great

12. Organic vanilla hand cream
Review: okay, now.. When I opened this and put it on, I expected it to smell like the bath and body works warm vanilla sugar lotion. No, no, this hand cream smells like the vanilla you cook with. It smells amazing. Lol when I put it on my fingers i'm temped to taste it! Haha

13. Organic body wash
Review: it's been awhile since I have used this because I ran out if it about a month ago. It got the mini travel size to test it out. I liked the smell and how it made my skin feel, but i couldn't get it to get foamy. I tried using it a couple different ways and it would lather a little but but not a lot. I still do like it though.

Here is the link to the 100% pure website :

I bought all of these products with my own money. I am not associated with his company in any way. This review is 100% my honest opinion.

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